Damien Ramé’s Resume

Product and Product Line Management & High-Tech Leadership (MBA, B.Eng.)


I am an experienced Product Director with over 24 years of internet, computer, mobile, SaaS & software experience. I am an asserted and passionate leader dedicated to build products that solve actual problems for marketable customers. At ease with both the executive team and managers at the strategic, tactical and technical layers, I have successfully built, marketed and sold over a dozen high tech products. I lead using vision, accountability, prioritization, alignment and converting strategic business objectives into clear and actionable initiatives. I execute and deliver results through iterative and agile methodologies, using customer development strategies (discovery, validation and creation) to increase the market-product fit, minimize risk and provide an optimal user experience to targeted personas and markets.

Skills & Expertise

  • Computer & Mobile Software
  • Information Technology
  • Audio/Video
  • Telecommunications
  • One-on-One
  • Leadership
  • Executive Management
  • Communication
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Human Resources
  • Coaching & training
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Startups
  • B2B, B2B2C
  • Branding & Communications
  • Marketing Requirements
  • Inbound & Web Marketing
  • SEO, AdWords, Bing, PPC
  • Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Networks
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer Development (Discovery, Validation, Creation)
  • Pricing
  • Product Requirements
  • Product Strategy
  • JIRA
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Go-To-Market
  • Roadmapping
  • Market Research
  • Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
  • Business Model
  • Product-Market Fit
  • User & Buyer Personas
  • Marketecture
  • Win/Loss Analysis
  • User Experience (UX)

Professional Experience

Product Owner

2019-Now | Carebook Technologies | SMB + Startup
Carebook (TSXV:CRBK) creates digital products for pharmacies in the health & wellness industry.
  • Pharmacy Core Platform and Mobile apps
  • COVID-19 Vitals Scan Mobile app

Director, Digital Products & IT

2018-2019 | Skillable | SMB + Startup
Skillable specializes in the design and delivery of work-integrated learning through development paths that support and measure learning, behavior change and performance.
  • Product Management
  • Product Engineering and UX
  • IT Operations and Management
  • Learner Experience and End-User Product Support
  • Corporate Strategy and Management Team

Director, Strategy & Product Line Management

2015-2017| Notarius | SMB
Notarius offers legally reliable digital signature products for professionals and enterprise (B2B & B2B2C).
  • Product Strategy, Product Line Management, Technical Product Management:
    • Market analysis and exploration – engineering, legal, insurance, banking, financial industries
    • Product requirements and UX – digital & e-signature SaaS platform, API & desktop software
    • Product strategy and go-to-market, business model, pricing, positioning, product launch
  • Marketing Strategy, Communications, Product Marketing:
    • Create a new branding, defined a strategy and plan for content and collaterals production
    • Organize the company’s largest event on the legal aspects of electronic signatures
    • Marketing operations and leadership, content strategy, web marketing, collaterals
  • Leadership, Management:
    • Participate in quarterly strategic planning and reviews
    • Department structure and processes (marketing & product management, creation & growth)
    • Lead, coach and guide a team of specialists with multiple levels of experience

Mentor, Product Management & Technical Leadership

2015-2018 | Damien Ramé | Consulting
  • Notarius (2015-2016): Product strategy and market research for a E-Signature SaaS product
  • OutletEnLigne.ca (2015-2018): Advisor and Mentor for Shopper Marketing
  • Futurpreneur (2016-2017): Mentor to local entrepreneurs

Product Director, Mobile & Retailer Platforms

2014-2015 | TC Media | Enterprise
TC Media is producing and distributing promotional flyers for Canadian retailers.
  • Leadership, Management
    • Lead, coach and guide a team of Product Owners (PO) with multiple levels of experience
    • Manage products with multidisciplinary teams (scrum, architects, UX, developers, operations)
  • Product Strategy, Product Management
    • Analyze portfolio and built a plan to stabilize the Digital Promotion Management (Conversys™), a legacy under-performing platform
    • Redesign the UI and UX optimized for desktop and mobile devices, create business case
    • Act as a thought leader, communicate the strategic vision, product strategy and roadmap
    • Research next-generation Omni-Channel Retail & Promotion (COPE) system for retailers (PIM/MDM of product, DAM, E-Commerce, CMS, Taxonomy, Data Enrichment)
    • Introduced a number of improvements to the product management system and processses (JIRA)

Director, Marketing & Product Strategy

2009-2014 | Vircom | SMB + Early Startup
Vircom offers corporate anti-spam and email security software vendor targeted at IT managers in SMBs.
  • Leadership, Management
    • Lead company as a member of the management team and company officer
    • Establish BHAG, 3 to 5-year corporate strategy with 1-yr targets and quarterly objectives
    • Present company-wide monthly general meetings to mobilize and present initiatives and KPIs
    • Transform marketing & product management departments into an agile & digital marketing system
    • Manage staff with various skillsets and experience (marketing, product, web, graphic, UX)
  • Marketing
    • Build and scale a digital marketing department focused on direct B2B sales
    • Improve customer experience (CX) and lead funnel conversion rates by 3x through microsite and landing page optimization, targeting and product-market fit, and marketing automation systems
    • Increase qualified leads (SAL) +60% y.o.y. average in a commoditized industry with mature product
  • Product Strategy, Product Line Management
    • Successfully rebuild the entire UX of a 10-year old product with a large technical debt to make it a state-of-the-art mobile and desktop friendly experience for specific user personas
    • Align product strategy and marketing with up-to-date personas, simplified product offering, and improved customer experience
    • Establish and negotiated strategic partnerships with Norman, BitDefender, Avira and other high-profile vendors leading to a 55% reduction in variable costs and best of breed product performance
    • Refocus product development from a R&D-centric nature to being market & problem-driven
    • Identify strategic opportunities in a related and re-segmented market, leveraging the company’s strengths, knowledge and assets
    • Research market and conduct customer interviews to validate problem, discover user and buyer personas, process and business model
    • Create and develop an innovative concept solution, got buy-in from stakeholders and staff, and spearhead the new Zoomin®/Kuriel® product line
    • Validate a minimum viable product (MVP) to 160+ personas in stealth mode
    • Iteratively release product improvements and marketing to go to market

Marketing Manager

2008-2009 | Crescendo Systems | SMB
Crescendo provides dictation and speech to text solutions for healthcare facilities and legal organisations.
  • Analyze sales requirements and built a brand new e-commerce web site
  • Develop content strategies with peer managers to produce collaterals
  • Supervise tradeshow budgets and co-marketing opportunities with partners
  • Wrote and published several articles in relevant printed media magazines
  • Manage and maintain information systems (multiple servers, corporate web site, e-commerce)

Product Marketing Manager

2006-2008 | Accedian Networks | Early Startup
Accedian is a provider of network performance equipement for mobile backhaul and telcos.
  • Create branding & lead generation for direct sales
  • Design, develop and manage corporate branding, web site, online presence and collaterals portfolio
  • Implemented inbound marketing initiatives (seo, ppc)
  • Manage and develop presence, opportunities and product demos at industry tradeshows
  • Assist product management and founders (prices, strategy, business plan, round B financing)

President & CEO, Founder

1996-2004 | Idyle Software | Startup (Founder)
Idyle creates and distributes information productivity software to consumers.
  • Founded an online and profitable software business from scratch in the early days of the internet
  • Became an e-commerce pioneer selling 10,000+ software products a year using the try-and-buy model
  • Built and launched a portfolio of 12 software products focused on customer upsell
  • Developed OEM partnerships with other software vendors to increase revenues

Senior Software Lead Designer

2003-2006 | Classé Audio | SMB
Reponsible for the firmware development (C/C++) and marketing product requirements for high-end audio/video equipment product line. Reporting directly to the President-owner and V.P. of Marketing.

Early career: software & firmware designer

2000-2002 | Marconi Communications | Enterprise
Low-level firmware (C/microcode IXP1200) for a Gig-E/SONET/SDH data communications card.
1998-1999 | Galea Network Security | Early Startup
Firmware (C/C++) on a hardware Ethernet & IP firewall-router (FPGA/StrongARM on VxWorks)
1996-1998 | NetCorp & VIPSwitch | Early Startup
Windows software (Delphi/C++) and low-level firmware (microcode) on a home made microcontroller (FPGA).

Education & Certifications

Product Management Certification (PMC)

2010 | Pragmatic Marketing

Master of Business and Administration (M.B.A.)

2005 | HEC Montréal

D.E.S.S. in Management

2003 | HEC Montréal

Bachelor in Software Engineering (B.Eng.)

1997 | École Polytechnique de Montréal

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