Shanti Gaudreault

Director, Software Development

I worked with Damien as part of Vircom's management team, both of us reporting to the CEO. Damien is responsible for leading marketing and product strategy on two separate product lines. His teams provided requirements and product direction to my teams in a very clear and effective manner. Damien has very strong and wide technical knowledge on a variety of software technologies.

Vircom has a culture of responsibility taking and clear goal setting. Damien has been a leader in exuding those values personally and within his team. Damien and his teams have a track record of delivering on the toughest objectives. He has demonstrated top negotiation skills with clients, 3rd parties and suppliers. He has consistently gotten Vircom a great deal.

I recommend Damien for tough leadership roles in technologies and software companies. Damien is a strong natural leader that brings a sharp logical mind and a deep strategic perspective on any management situation.

- Shanti Gaudreault (August 2014)