Mike Ambrosone

Technical Product Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Damien for four and half years. The first two years as a QA manager and the other two and half of years as a Technical Product Manager, where I reported to him directly.

Damien was an exceptional leader for the Product Management department by applying his technical knowledge in various different technologies such as cloud/SAAS, back end servers, desktop or mobile applications. Damien is one of the smartest managers I’ve worked for. He clearly communicated department objectives by ensuring that they were in line with the company’s goals. His energy and high performance management style was not only motivating but contagious. In addition, he also took the time to listen and consistently provide feedback and support to help provide guidance without making decisions for his employees.

His skill set and abilities as a Director of Product Management are rare as he was able to lead the product team on a strategic and on a tactical level. Damien has been an instrumental mentor in my personal development as a TPM.

If given the opportunity to work with Damien again, I would do so in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Damien as a Director of Product management to any tech company.

- Mike Ambrosone (August 2014)