Alexey Sorokin

QA Project Lead

I had a privilege to work with Damien on several project. Without any doubt, Damien is highly skilled, hands on kind of leader. He always provided clear guidance and direction for product development.

Damien has an excellent understanding of web, mobile and client-service technologies and, being very passionate about technical aspects of the software development, can give a hand in creating, configuring and deploying of any project.

Damien is a good communicator. He always clearly delivers feedbacks and his vision for a project.

Damien has an innovative spirit and gives the teams he works with a freedom to take risks and push the envelope to achieve truly outstanding results.

Damien is calm under pressure and always ready to go extra mile to address products’ and customers’ needs as well as to respect the deadlines.

I would gladly work with Damien again and I strongly recommend him for marketing and product development management positions.

- Alexey Sorokin (August 2014)