Patrick Drolet

V-P Operations & IT

Damien was hired as a consultant for a market study/product strategy contract, and soon after became head of product management with a special focus on a SaaS based product in an emerging market. Damien efficiently led the effort to turn around our waterfall-based deliveries into Agile or Kanban methodologies with iterative deliveries. He redefined internal processes and implemented Jira, all this while acting as a product owner and building a strong relationship with the development team. Laser focused on user experience (UX), Damien was instrumental in implementing a new development philosophy of all customer-facing interfaces.

Damien had a clear picture of the structure, task and specific responsibilities of team members and new hires in his department, and proceeded to multiple hires. Along the way, he led Notarius rebranding efforts with his team, delivering a much more modern and clean brand.

- Patrick Drolet (September 2017)