• Leadership
  • Customer Development
  • Culture
  • My Leadership Style.

    Vision. Coaching. Alignment. Focus. Communication. Objectives and Key Results.
  • My Mission.

    Building innovative products that solve real problems for marketable customers.
  • Desired Company Culture.

    Innovation. Accountability. Customer Centric. Data Driven. Result Oriented.
Lean Business Model Canvas

Lean Business Model Canvas.

The Business Model must always be up-to-date. This 1-page Business Model is easy to maintain, adjust and validate.

User Experience

User Experience.

UX is not UI. It's not only about being pretty. UX is an important part of the Customer Experience. A well-designed UX will be a huge competitive advantage and differentiator.

Agile Development

Agile Development.

Agile development encourages requirement and scope changes to adapt to market feedback faster. It delivers MVP sooner and reduces risks for the stakeholders.

Roadmap & Vision

Roadmap & Vision.

R&D, Product Management, UX, Marketing, Sales, Customer Services are all aligned on the User & Buyer Personas, Product Roadmap and motivated by the long-term Vision and BHAG.

Market-Aligned Priorization


Ensuring the roadmap is properly aligned, business value requirements & backlogs are prioritized by market Evidence (size & type) and Impact (importance & value).

Customer Development

Customer Development.

Lean Startup and Customer Development evangelized by Ries, Blank & Dorf call for product-market fit and assumption validation before scaling and spending in Operations.

Product Management, Digital Marketing & High-Tech Leadership

I am an experienced Executive with over 22 years of internet, computer, mobile, SaaS & software experience. I am an asserted and passionate leader dedicated to build products that solve actual problems for marketable customers. At ease with both the executive team and managers at the strategic, tactical and technical layers, I have successfully built, marketed and sold over a dozen high tech products.

I lead using vision, accountability, prioritization, alignment and converting strategic business objectives into clear and actionable initiatives. I execute and deliver results through iterative and agile methodologies, using customer development strategies (discovery, validation and creation) to increase the market-product fit, minimize risk and provide an optimal user experience to targeted personas and markets.

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